A banquet in Ancient Rome. The Roman banquets were generally very long and full of indigestible flow

“Spew be tested;, eaters may vomit”, or “Vomit to eat, eat to vomit” It is a phrase Seneca that very effectively sheds light on one feature, certainly not the end, of banquets that took place in’Ancient Rome.

In fact this was precisely: diners spent hours and hours to gorge themselves on heavy and indigestible food (Here you have some examples:, after that They vomited and started again from scratch.

And whoever touched the thankless task of collecting vomiting?

slaves, obviously.

Treated as objects (and even worse), deprived of any rights and forced to suffer harassment and bullying of any kind without any possibility to rebel unless risk being killed instantly, during these lavish meals and coarse, the servants were obliged to wander among guests and couches with a pots hanging from the neck or shoulders, ready to offer it to those who require it with a nod, to accommodate the contents of their stomachs.

The custom was this, and none of those present were scandalized, not to mention the convenience of not having to even lift from their place “to break free” and make room for other foods (Photo gives: