Women Victorian era. Being thin was an imperative of beauty which you could not escape

Each historical period has its own aesthetics, to me thinness, almost always, it is an imperative to which it is difficult to escape.

It was like that for Victorian woman, which was kept as lean as possible also to afford to enter the rigid and tight corsets that fashion then provided.

In England in the nineteenth century, therefore,, when he sat on the throne of the country the great and never forgotten Queen Victoria, the ideal woman was thin, pale, the emaciated and almost lifeless appearance.

Certainly it would not be easy to satisfy standard so inflexible and so we submitted to diets to say the least depressing, with a diet Basic which provided the sole consumption of vegetables and boiled fish and flour with mold.

Not really a pleasure, but useful, evidently, keep that silhouette enviable situation where, seems, the ladies were not willing to give up for anything in the world (Photo gives: istockphoto.com).