In the Castle of Racconigi (Cuneo), showcases the charm of the women of the House of Savoy

House of Savoy, in its thousand years of history, He could often rely on the work of women intellectually valid, morally irreproachable and even fascinating is that the aesthetic character.

In recent times, as known, enjoyed tremendous popular favor Margherita, wife of Umberto I, ed Elena of Montenegro, but before them there were many other.

The exhibition Sovrane elegance – The Savoy residences between art and fashion, at Racconigi Castle (Cuneo) until the next 10 June, centers on a more frivolous but equally interesting of their complex personalities, the elegance and taste, recognizable in furniture, in jewelery and dresses on display.

Most of fact Savoia, both men and women, It is also famous for the cult of art and an innate perfectly expressed refinement and still recognizable in that they belonged, the mansions of personal effects, whose distinctive feature is, no doubt, the sober sophistication.

in conclusion, The exhibition revisits key Racconigi fashion Savoy centuries of history and it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about an aspect of the past of our country (Photo gives: