Roman Woman. In ancient Rome, in addition to medical men, there were good doctors

Tombs and funerary steles are a valuable mine of information about customs and traditions of ancient peoples and Roman ones are no exception.

I would have thought that in Ancient Rome, in addition to male doctors, there were also expert doctors?

This is proved beyond doubt, among the others, the funerary stele of a certain Scanzia Redeemed and tombstone Sarmanna, lived in the fourth century.

The first is shown as follows: “Maestra expert in the art of medicine despite his young age. He was beloved by her husband, that benefited of his fruitful life full of virtues”; The second performance: “Here lies the medical Sarmanna, who lived approximately 70 years”.

Despite significant differences between age and the other (during the Empire, compared to previous periods, It increased considerably the female influence in society), it was certainly not very frequent cases, but which demonstrate that sometimes, Roman women, They covered important roles even outside the domestic sphere (Photo gives: