assassination of Gaius Gracchus

Assassination of Gaius Gracchus (painting by Félix Auvray)

The one supplied by Plutarch It is one of the best known and accredited versions of’assassination of Gaius Gracchus (, but it is not the only.

According to another report even feasible, in 121 a.C., the courageous tribune of the people was captured alive along with the faithful slave Filocrate, who, eager to defend the beloved master until the end, She hugged him so tight and so strong that they failed to kill him until after repeatedly shot to death himself.

Neither the enemies of the Gracchi stopped here: it is said that Licinia, wife of Caius, It was forbidden to mourn and was confiscated by the authorities even dowry.

With the Gracchi, Gaius and Tiberius, Roma lost two of its most illustrious men and politicians (Photo gives: