Leonardo da Vinci Experience at MondoJuve

Submitting sent to History Pills gives Andrea Ferro It is pretty special for me, not the theme course, but for the location, whose name, a grenade tifosissima, it is hard even to write…

But I have to do, the event is important and very interesting, so I can not help but to publicize it.

The event in question is nothing more than a exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci, to be held these days at MondoJuve Shopping Center: carry the contents of the verbatim email come to me.

Happy reading and good fun.





Part of the exhibition on Leonardo at MondoJuve

From 27 March 10 April, the genius of Leonardo da Vinci lives in MondoJuve Shopping Center Free immersive experience with

Gives Tuesday 27 March to Tuesday 10 April's Mondojuve, a shopping center located between the municipalities of Vinovo and Nichelino, which kicked off the development of higher retail park in Piedmont – the world will be able to immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of Leonardo da Vinci, best example of multifaceted and eclectic genius, teacher of humanities, art and technology.

With a year in advance by the recurrence of 500 years after the death of the great inventor, the Shopping Center hosts "Leonardo da Vinci Experience”, a digital exhibition enriched by exposure of faithful reproductions of some of the most significant machines designed by Leonardo.

An experience of edutainment one in a kind, combining entertainment and education for children and families in an innovative and spectacular thanks to a display consisting of a cinema in 10D, totem digital interactive, faithful reproductions of the works and life-size laboratories that will allow visitors to embark on a real journey back in time, until the 1500 to discover the Tuscan genius and his most extraordinary inventions.

True focal point of the experience, the plunge to 360 degrees in the world of Leonardo thanks to the multi-dimensional cinema that will allow participants to enter a fantasy universe that becomes real, thanks to more than 10 Special effects including lights, laser, water, wind and soap bubbles.

Nei weekend, Furthermore, Children and families will also attend an animated presentation with staff in traditional period costume who will explain to visitors the works on display and will give the opportunity to "clicking a selfie" with the great inventor.

All visitors will also enjoy the special APP izi.TRAVEL "Leonardo Da Vinci Experience", downloadable directly on their mobile devices, and thus have at hand a practical audio guide that will make it even more enjoyable, interactive and effective visit to the exhibition of Leonardo in the two galleries of the Center.

The free experience will be available to all customers of the shopping center and the 4 April also some primary and secondary schools of First Instance Of the territory will live a unique experience teaching.

Students will be able to see live reconstructions of works, know the history of Leonardo and actively participate in workshops, inside a traveling path of the duration of about 60 minutes from the title "In the shop by Leonardo where they will be discovered closely the projects and inventions that changed the course of history.

As Leonardo, the young participants will investigate the secrets of nature to explore the physics of flight, buoyancy, applied mechanics and solar energy.

Through theory and practice, it will review the biography and works of Leonardo in a fun and dynamic.

For more information about this event and all activities of the facility you can visit the official website: a Facebook page Mondojuve Shopping Center. (Photo gives: e ).