The “pastel” Prehistoric recently discovered in England

The Great Britain It once again proves an inexhaustible source of prehistoric archaeological finds: It remained buried under a few centimeters of peat for about 10000 years, but eventually it was discovered, a “pastel” recently recovered from a team archaeologists in Mesolithic site of Star Carr.

At first glance it might seem like a pebble, instead this object along a little more than two centimeters wide and 7, made of clay and sand, He served at the time by “chalk”, in the sense that it was used by hunters / gatherers place for decorative purposes, especially for engraving and coloring skins of animals and to draw on the rocks.

The product comes with a very sharp tip, although originally it was supposed to be certainly much more rounded, result due to the extensive use that has to be done in antiquity; l’ocher, mineral pigment that composes, in fact it gave a reddish coloration very much in vogue and decidedly versatile (It was fine to paint and create graffiti, but also to dye clothes).

It is not excluded that in the area of ​​discovery, who in the past he has seen to surface in a number of similar objects, There was already a rudimentary but important activities “artistic”.

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