Strawberry jelly

After that oranges (, in this post find the recipe original Pellegrino Artusi to prepare the gelatine strawberry in frost, another pudding presented in Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, his famous culinary book that during the 800, and beyond, much influenced Italian and European cuisine.

Here are the instructions in text:

“very red strawberries and ripe grams 300, sugar grams 200, isinglass grams 20, water ounces 3, rum 3 spoonfuls, the juice of a lemon.

Squeeze strawberries in a diaper to extract all the juice.

Boil sugar for ten minutes in two ounces of water itself and this siroppo add it to the sauce of strawberries; add the lemon and turn to move everything in a thick diaper.

At isinglass, after keeping in soft as that of the previous number (It refers to the recipe of the orange jelly in frost aforementioned n.d.a.), please take off the boil in the remaining deciliter of water and pour it so hot in the aforementioned mixture; finally add the rum, stir and pour the mixture into the mold to put it in frost.

This jelly will be very pleasing to the ladies (Photo gives: