A Roman woman. The women of ancient Rome at times worked outside the home and were also entrepreneurs

The ideal female Roman, as known, He was represented by matrona, whose only mission in life was to get married, generate and educate children according to the traditional values, but that does not mean that there were no exceptions and therefore also women who were leading a different existence.

It was not supposed to be very common custom, but documents, archaeological evidence and numerous frescoes show that some of them worked with success outside the domestic sphere, dedicating himself to various activities, including some considered purely male.

It was certainly very enterprising and ingenious Marzia First, who had the brilliant idea of ​​turning the weaving, employment of women par excellence until then relegated to the house, in a real company and its, creating a manufacturing laboratory.

It was not even too rare to come across ladies who ran shops, inns and other recreations; a Pompei eg, operated Calpurnia, a wine merchant rather known, who had perhaps a tavern, while in Tivoli, some Amenome, He brought forward a tavern frequented daily by many men.

in conclusion, find women entrepreneurs Ancient Rome, It was far from impossible (Photo gives: veleia.it).