the young Karl Marx

Poster of the film in the output 5 April “THE young Karl Marx”

In this post find info and tips about the plot and cast of the film The young Karl Marx, as reported in History Pills gives In inter (, e

The film, director Raoul Peck, candidato all’Oscar and BAFTA Award I Am Not Your Negro, It will be in theaters next 5 April.


the young Karl Marx

A scene from the film “THE young Karl Marx”

A story of great political passion, commitment and revolution.

But also a great story of friendship and love.
5 May 1818, German born in Trier Karl Marx.
21 February 1848, London is published, written by Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto, document that has changed and marked the world history.
A fascinating character and controversial, in a film that illuminates the thought, ardor, political passion.
We are in the forties of the nineteenth century.
The young Marx and his friend Friedrich Engels They give life to a movement capable of emancipating, Also beyond Europe, oppressed workers around the world.
These were years of turmoil: Germany is strongly repressed intellectual opposition very active, in France the workers of Faubourg Saint Antoine They are put into gear.
Even in England the people took to the streets.
A 26 years Karl Marx brings his woman on the path of exile.
In Paris he met Friedrich Engels, son of a large industrial, who has studied the working conditions of the British working class.
These two young people from different social backgrounds, but both brilliant, passionate, provocative and fun will be able to create a revolutionary union movement.
To kick aimed at Marx August Diehl, already in Hollywood films such as Inglourious Basterds, Salt, and other notable films such as The CounterfeitersOperation Bernhard (Oscar Best Foreign Film 2008), Night Train to Lisbon.
Friedrich Engels is played by Stefan KONARSKA, while Jenny Marx cloths are dressed vicky krieps, brought to success by the recent The wire hidden in Paul Thomas Anderson, where he played the muse of the British couturier starring Daniel Day-Lewis (Photo gives: