She was born in Holland in 1876 and his name Margaret Gertrude Zelle, but for the world she is and will always remain Sun, "Eye of the day" in the Malay language, the indicator light most popular and sexy contemporary history.

In 1895, a 19 years, Margaretha married a very senior officer of her, Rudolf MacLeod, He had two sons, but tired and bored by the kind of life he led and feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage, in 1900 She divorced and moved to Paris.

And here began the myth: under the stage name Sun, she began her career ballerina performing in public in particular and suggestive local dances between the oriental and the 'Art Nouveau, playing with its natural ability seductive, able to enchant the male audience, which seems to go into raptures in looking at the half-naked interpret dance of the seven veils.

The success was great and the whole of Europe welcomed enthusiastically tour Young artist.

That in the meantime, between shows and the other, He had become an assiduous frequenter of living rooms and bedrooms of the main cities of the Old Continent, as well as intimate acquaintance of many prominent senior army officers.

The outbreak of great War inevitably he disrupted the lives of many people, and that of Mata Hari was no exception: lover of luxury and clever seductress, It was the ideal candidate to unravel the hidden secrets of the high military spheres, and he did not miss the chance, on the contrary jumped at, entering dangerous maneuvers doppiogiochiste the pay of German and French.

However his role was discovered and had no more escape; in 1917, after a summary trial held in Paris, the woman was sentenced to death for treason, accused of providing important military information to a responsible German embassy in Madrid.

The day of execution was set for 15 October: Mata Hari died shouting his innocence, and how to relate the chronicles, kisses turning to the soldiers to kill (Photo gives: