shows Napoleon Bonaparte

Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte

Today has come to History Pills, by Mr. Marco Buccino, reporting a exhibition Napoleon Bonaparte to be held between March and June in Cherasco (CN).

Carryover faithfully readers information about the event exactly as I have come.


Show Napoleon Bonaparte

Portrait of Napoleon. The exhibition in Cherasco (CN) It will be held from March to June

Ei Fu – Napoleon Bonaparte from Piedmont to Europe (1796-1815)

Napoleon Bonaparte and Piedmont: a relationship of love and hate in a period of great geopolitical changes, Social and Cultural Rights, experience in some ways troubled, in some cases even painful, but that – as often it happens in history – It left a big sign still tangible today.

And it is the description of all the ambitious aim of the exhibition "Ei Fu – Napoleon Bonaparte from Piedmont to Europe (1796-1815)”, scheduled from Saturday 17 March to Sunday 24 June 2018 Palazzo Salmatoris Cherasco (CN).

The exhibition tells cultural and social aspects of the epic Napoleon Bonaparte, with particular attention to the events that took place since his arrival in Piedmont 1796 until his abdication in 1814 and the return from exile of the Savoy in Sardinia.

The venue of the exhibition is the same building that housed their Napoleon 28 April 1796 on the occasion of the signing of the armistice of Cherasco, center inside the European Federation of City Napoleonic.

From here Bonaparte began to get underway in Italy, parallel to its achievements in Europe.

That Cherasco is an exhibition that tells of armies and battles, but above all social changes, cultural and urban, statutes and laws, of emancipation of Jewish citizens and of stories of artists, Scientists and scholars that followed Napoleon in the race towards the ideal of a new Europe and reached high positions, as the Piedmontese According to Carlo Salmatoris Rosillon e Bernardino Drovetti.

About one hundred objects on display: documents, books, prints, paintings, sculptures, miniature, chinaware, musical instruments, theatrical costumes, weapons, and silver medals.

The works come from prestigious institutions in Piedmont, including Accorsi-Ometto Foundation, the Egyptian Museum and the State Archives of Turin, as well as from the same Cherasco and Cheraschesi bodies, in particular the Library G.B. Adriani and the Historical Archive Civic, and numerous private collectors.

The exhibition was commissioned by the City of Cherasco and is promoted by Cherasco 1631, two years after the great success of "In a sign of the Savoy. Cherasco diplomatic fortress”.

Curator of the exhibition and the catalog is Laura Facchin, art historian and researcher at the University of Insubria, with the collaboration of hand Luke, Flavio Russo and numerous scholars and specialists in the field.

A separate section of the exhibition is dedicated to the “Napoleonmania” and edited by Alessia Giorda, historical, e Francesco Ganora, passionate and Napoleonic collector, with a collection of memorabilia and a wide objects that celebrates the legend of Napoleon from the nineteenth century to today in its various expressions and often bizarre, from comic books to shaving soap, from liquor bottles to the figurines, and a video room to tell the figure of Napoleon in cinema and advertising.

The exhibition is open to the public with free admission Tuesday to Sunday from 10 all 12 and from 14 all 19. Side events organized at the exhibition are open to all visitors.

They are also guided tours for groups and schools program.

The exhibition has received the support of Regione Piemonte and was organized in collaboration with Fondazione Accorsi-Ometto and Egyptian Museum, thanks to the support of the main sponsor of the Royal Bank of Cherasco and sponsors Mutua, Foundation De Benedetti – Cherasco 1547 Onlus and the Visconti Castle of Cherasco and the Association organizational support Cherasco Culture Association and The Lands of the Savoy (Photo gives: e

Ei Fu – Napoleon Bonaparte from Piedmont to Europe (1796-1815)

17 March – 24 June 2018

Palazzo Salmatoris, Cherasco (CN)

Free entry from Tuesday to Sunday (from 10 all 12 and from 14 all 19)