menstrual cramps

A doctor visiting a woman in Ancient Greece. Menstrual pain is cured with natural remedies

How they treated the menstrual cramps Ancient Greece?

What could they do in those women to alleviate this disorder so widespread?

Definitely evolved, if you take into account the historical period in question, in the medical field and also in the branch of gynecology (, especially the Greeks used the natural remedies, which then was all that, At bottom, they had available.

The prescription that follows is taken from Corpus Hippocraticum (V-IV secolo a.C.) and is a remedy which was intended to soothe, precisely, the dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation):

“Apply a poultice on the belly (curative dough) It made up of young red wine, various spices and flour; the dough is cooked in advance in perfumed white wine” (Photo gives: