Gynecology: baby in utero (the press is the '700)

The ancient Greeks teachers were part of gynecology and of medicine in general, so it can be considered the founders of Western medical science (If you want to read an ancient prescription eye click here: ).

Taking into account the time at which we refer, we can consider their knowledge and their therapies on, one step ahead.

What I report is a prescription suitable to facilitate the conception contained in Corpus Hippocraticum (V-VI century BC); the remedy appears to our eyes certainly bizarre, but keep in mind that then, in the absence of knowledge and adequate means, all you could do was rely, albeit with results far from certain, natural remedies.

Here is the prescription in question:

“Before the menstrual cycle, apply twice a day a pessary (vaginal suppository) resin-based, cedar and beef fat” (Photo gives: