Ancient medicine. The medicine of ancient Greece was, for the time, very advanced. Herophilus was a doctor who lived between the fourth and third centuries B.C..

The ancient Greeks They were also masters in the medical field, in which distinguished excellent figures and theories were developed for the advanced age.

Below a carryover recipe to treat vision problems attributed to Herophilus of Chalcedon, a greek-Hellenistic physician who lived between the fourth and third centuries B.C..

here she is:

“Apply two times a day an ophthalmic ointment containing gum arabic, terrestrial crocodile dung, copper powder and bile hyena diluted in honey”.

Undoubtedly the ingredients used, besides making us feel a hint of disgust, today make us smile and certainly we would not have the courage to bet even a cent on the effectiveness of such a potion, but only if we try to put ourselves for a moment in the historical period in question, so far away from ours and completely without adequate scientific means, just a moment to realize how mental and practical efforts should be used to get to develop any type of therapy.

Nature was all you had available and it was trying to obtain useful solutions to the health and well-being (Photo gives: