Dog biscuits

The first dog biscuits were born in 1860 and to invent them was the American James Spratt

Pets accompanies man since the dawn of civilization, but the habit of keeping them at home as family members in all respects, It spreads only in 800, in particular as regards dogs and cats.

Surround yourself with four-legged friends became, since, a “mass fashion” covering all social classes, the bourgeoisie as the most humble strata of the population, evidence that led to the Birth of specific products, created especially for nutrition and well-being of pet.

In 1860 the ingenious American entrepreneur James Spratt He created and immise on the market first dog biscuits, or greedy morsels of flesh, various vegetables, grit and beef blood.

It was just the beginning of an industry that soon would develop and specialized to last successfully, adapting to the times and needs, until today (Photo gives: