Ludwig II

Ludwig II and the young actor Josef Kainz (left in photo)

Ludwig II of Bavaria He never showed any interest in the female and also the friendship chat with the beautiful Sissi, his cousin, Another was but a platonic bond between two similar souls (

The king loved men, but always lived his homosexuality with great suffering, both for reasons of character, both for the difficulties that such a condition meant at that time.

Most historians and biographers of the king, believes that this repressed sexuality It has contributed greatly to exacerbate the natural fragility of a man perpetually torn between the temptation to give free rein to their sexual urges and fear the judgment of others, in a period in which to be gay tantamount to stick a label on him with shame and unbearable contempt.

However even Ludwig could change their character and so, despite efforts to restrain, the bizarre monarch always ended up doing a ruthless court, to the sound of expensive gifts and attention that left no room for doubt, men of his entourage, then grooms, waiters, guardians and servants.

In most cases it was ambitious young, they had everything to gain from a relationship with the monarch, therefore hardly retreated, but then, unavoidably, sooner or later, they were forced to come to terms with his volubility, seeing himself replaced overnight unceremoniously.

Sometimes Ludwig fell in love but really, in which case the lucky he was immersed in the fairytale world, made of enchanted castles and dreamlike atmospheres, that the king pursued and tried to make for a lifetime, draining state finances; among his most famous passions there was one for Joseph Kainz, Hungarian actor among the most popular of his time (Photo gives: