Sissi and Ludwig

Portraits of Sissi and Ludwig II of Bavaria

The deep bond that certainly united Sissi and Ludwig II of Bavaria, It has always been the subject of studies and hypotheses.

The Empress of Austria and the unfortunate monarch were cousins, but their relationship was so intense that go far beyond even normal affection that exists generally between relatives.

The two were often seen, you attended, they trusted, and the king was so happy with each visit Sissi, that in all European courts began to malign his contemporaries who were lovers.

But it was true?

As far as we know, no.

First it must be stressed that Ludwig never showed any interest in sex, in no way, secondly, She had with her cousin so many points in common in terms of character and personal, that the association had been created had to be about as natural as possible.

Both fragile, melancholy and impatient with the rules dictated by the strict court etiquette, Sissi and Ludwig were united by a passion for art, poetry in particular, and sports, which for them meant indulge in long and exhausting rides in the woods.

Surely Ludwig never felt sexual attraction towards the beautiful cousin, one of the most beautiful women of her time, he saw rather as a figure angelicata, a being almost rarefied and timeless, mirror of their concerns and, probably, the only person with whom he could freely express themselves and really be himself.

On the other hand, does not appear that the Empress, wife of Franz Joseph, despite marital problems that have emerged over the years and basically common to many longtime couples, ever had lovers.

in conclusion, everything suggests that between Sissi and Ludwig both exchanged anything but a sordid affair illegal, but a much rarer type of relationship made of spirits communion and affinities (Photo gives: