Ludwig II

Ludwig II (Helmut Berger) and Sissi (Romy Schneider) in “Ludwig” Luchino Visconti

The controversial and fascinating figure Ludwig II of Bavaria He has inspired numerous films, among the most famous of which is certainly the “Ludwig" of Luchino Visconti, film 1973 in which to pay the face, once beautiful, then swollen and unrecognizable, the unfortunate sovereign, is an amazing Helmut Berger, creator of one of his best performances.

To make the film more truthful, He contributed the choice to shoot in the actual places that were the backdrop to the personal stories and Ludwig policies, but also the extreme realism with which the master of Italian cinema was able to grasp the downward that he had characterized the brief existence of the king, symbolically refers to the more general and irreversible that had involved the entire class of European nobility, once flourishing, but that, 800 Ludwig, She had lost its original role in society.

And since the figure of Ludwig can not be untied, for various reasons, from that of the beloved cousin Sissi, Great importance is also given to the Empress of Austria, a woman far more somber and enigmatic than the famous cinematic genre dedicated to her, in truth a little’ sugary, He wanted to show; Also here, to give face and feelings of his wife Franz Joseph, is Romy Schneider, the actress, somehow, it was (and he felt) in part the prisoner of a role that has remained stubbornly stuck on him for the duration of his career.

Three hours of great story so, It told through a scenario perfectly reconstructed, whose magnificence remains imprinted in the eyes and mind of the viewer.

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