Enrico III

Portrait of Henry III. The king wears a pair of pearl earrings, his passion

On the complex personality Enrico III (1551-1589), King of France son of Enrico II and of Catherine’ Medici, as well as last member of the dynasty Valois to be ascended to the throne, It has been said and written everything, but without ever coming to issuing a clear and unique profile.

All we know of this controversial figure and mysterious traits, is that always showed a ambivalent character, gentle but capable of incredible temper tantrums, proud and proud, but often also quirky and bizarre.

The passion for fashion It was one of the hallmarks of Henry III, who took care of their appearance in almost manic form and particularly loved the elegant and refined clothes, but also the scents e i jewelry; dress as a woman Furthermore, it would have been a habit for him indispensable.

In this regard there are several anecdotes, some handed down, other reported from the chronicles, including that concerning a party held in the Castle Blois in 1575 to which the ruler is introduced arousing a certain stir among those present: Henry was wearing a Lace dress with plunging neckline, pearl necklace and collected curly hair (Photo gives: accadevaoggi.it).