day Louis XVI

Louis XVI in a movie. The day the king divided his time between commitments and passions

How to spend the day Louis XVI?

Among many commitments course, but without neglecting their own passions, many who were.

First, forget the kind of despotic and authoritarian monarch always ready to operate on the right and lacks strong enormous power granted to him, because the character of Louis XVI was quite another: Reserved, humble and jovial, the last king of France before the Revolution, despite the rank and role, always remained the typical good guy with simple tastes prepared to confront all careful not to show either never haughty or higher because of the position held.

The king got up every morning at eight, as labeled, He underwent the solemn moment of “grand lever”; dutiful and respectful of the rules, Louis XVI sore but stand, and how it's wrong!, excessive rigidity of the rules in force, trying to lighten as far as possible by acting spontaneously and informally, so much so that it was not at all uncommon to see and hear him laugh and laugh out loud with his valets Room.

After a’plentiful Breakfast rib, eggs, ham and champagne (his appetite remained proverbial, the young man went into his workshop, about which it is right to be precise: he was not, as some adverse and false historiography has tried to make believe, a simple blacksmith with the sole ambition to forge locks and padlocks, but an expert in the field, that is, a strict and assiduous scholar mechanics e applied sciences, also has an excellent handicraft.

Louis XVI of France

Portrait of Louis XVI

Not only: Louis XVI spent hours and hours to apply on books and manuals geography (, physics ed watchmaking, as well as reading texts classical literature and of history, a love for the culture that convinced him, once you become king, to replace the old hall of the games that much like his grandfather Luigi XV, in a given library.

There were other mandatory tasks, or grant hearings, study with ministers and employees the situation of the country and presiding, at least three times a week, all Board meetings, and attend the celebration of the mass every morning, always he represented for the most Catholic Luigi more a pleasure than a duty.

If it is true that hunting was another of the hobbies inalienable sovereign, the same can not be said for the dance and galas, from which he sought to distance themselves as quickly as possible to go to bed no later than ten.

in conclusion, all in all a simple daily life, in which the only real luxury was the concessosi food (Photo gives: e