the panties

A French noble '700 wearing culottes

A item of clothing typical of eighteenth-century men's fashion behind the French Revolution were the panties, as already written in this post

But as they were made, precisely, the panties and how they brought?

It was elegant shorts, that closed just above the knee with a row of precious buttons to totally leave the underlying views silk stockings lucid and valuable (as well as expensive).

To complete the setting They could not miss the charming toe shoes, accompanied by large heel and buckle (often a real gem).

That was the way they dress typical of the more conservative gentlemen, faithful to the dictates of fashion in force since the time of Luigi XIV.

Soon, however,, the revolutionary fury would upset and radically changed not only the political and social condition of the country, but also the habits of daily life of citizens, including the way of dressing; not surprisingly one of the most violent and extremist groups rebel, proudly he called itself sanculottes, or “without culottes”, precisely because of not wearing, with ostentatious pride, a garment considered typical of aristocrats (Photo gives: