hairstyles Versailles

A lady at the hairdresser in '700. Some extravagant hairstyles sported by ladies in Versailles made vintage

For a certain period of time to corte di Versailles The ladies showed off hairstyles nothing short of extravagant, characterized by twisted hair around a sort of “scaffolding” that kept them high above the head (

How easy to understand, these bizarre hairstyles, as well as funny, They were also uncomfortable, as they made it difficult simplest daily actions, like getting on a carriage and pass through a doorway, but all was no remedy.

Giving up being fashionable?


It was enough to find the’ploy right and everything was resolved.

In this case it was simply put in the bun a ingenious mechanism which allowed to flatten and then immediately raise at will, in a moment, the skeleton which gave shape to the crown; thanks to it the ladies could do everything unimpeded, happy to not be forced to give up being good only for a matter of practicality (Photo gives: