Versailles Toilet

Personal Hygiene in '700 (painting by Francois Boucher). At Versailles the toilets were, but they were hardly ever used

As known, a Palace of Versailles the apparent splendor hid, in reality, a unimaginable filth, both of the environments that people who lived there ( e

However, this does not mean that Toilet They were not present, rather, were so many and richly decorated and embellished with gold decorations, silver and ivory, just they were not used never or almost never.

The bedpan king eg, It was a real artwork: in fine silver gilt chiselled, It was also one of the few personal hygiene items to be used (Luckily!).

In principle, the nobles of the time you never washed and comfortable toilets in the building, They ended in order to fulfill a straightforward as completely useless function…decorative (Photo gives: