Versailles jobs

Louis XIV at Versailles surrounded by servants. At the palace they were held odd jobs, created specifically to satisfy people

The impressive number of servants and odd jobs that took place at the Palace of Versailles I have already spoken in this post, but entering into the details, what were these strange tasks created specifically to accommodate as many people as possible?

Let's look at some of the most bizarre.

Let's start by re camera, busy almost as a modern city: inside the busied first gentlemen chamber, i first valets chamber, ben 40 valletti e 4 watchmakers, including one with only the specific task of recharging the clock every day of the sovereign.

To them were added the signalers, at least two at a time, that is, those whose responsibility the “very hard” task to ask the monarch who now wanted it to be officiated Mass.

What to say of bearers of commode, the precious water staff of the King?

A category that actually, at a certain point, if he had it bad, since the installation of a modern English cabinet in the room, in danger of losing their job; but in the end, not to upset anyone, all kept their place (Photo gives: