Versailles servants

Luigi XIV a Versailles. The number of servants at the palace was impressive

How many servants they worked in Versailles in the era of its heyday, then at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?

How many men and women needed the biggest and luxurious palace in the world to keep this?

The curiosity arises when one considers the extraordinary breadth of the building and the coat of arms that it necessarily had to maintain (

Answering this question is simple, because it's all written in’Almanac of Versailles, compiled by the famous Blaizot, bookseller of the king; Well, the servants list, from the first to the last footman sguattero, It occupies in the book well 165 pages written in a dense.

The disproportionate number of employees could also not surprising given the breadth and complexity of the surface to handle, but it affects the safe’uselessness of certain tasks, created just to please as many people as possible.

An example?

A watchmaker only officer to charge every morning watch of the king (Photo gives: