funeral Florence

Florence during the Renaissance. In the era Medici, the Lordship intervened in the organization of the funeral of a citizen

A Florence, in full Medici era, when a citizen died the same Signoria intervened in the organization of funeral.

Before the funeral the deceased, lying on the simple straw, It was exposed to those present who intend to offer him the extreme greeting dress with a lined white bunting gown taffeta and in the head a cap without gaskets; if it was a woman, the they doffed from the fingers all the rings, except cheap.

During the funeral ceremony they used two candles or torches or four more torches; terminated event for the candles were reported to speziale, to which the law prohibited to sell more than fifteen pounds per day, and because using them to shed light to the dead he was considered a waste, those who contravened the rule then had to pay a fine.

Immediately behind the body followed the weeping, whose fabrics of the clothes worn blacks, just sewn together, They were then dismembered and reused.

The announcers of death e i gravediggers, for their work, They received a salary of eight money; a Dinner funeral instead, it was imperative that there should be no more than two courses.

Finally took place the’burial at the ossuary or, when influential people, in church (Source: John Lucas Dubreton, Daily life in Florence at the time of the Medici) (Photo gives: