Women Leonardo da Vinci

The “Lady with an Ermine” namely Cecilia Gallerani and “The Gioconda”, or Lisa Gherardini, the most famous women in Art History

The "Lady with an Ermine" and the Monna Lisa, most famous as the latter “The Gioconda”, are two of the most famous, mysterious and discussed female portraits Leonardo da Vinci; the ambiguous glances, the particularity of the poses and some suggestions were born and consolidated over the centuries, They have meant that the faces of these women became the most admired, studied and even desecrated the history of art of all time.

Doubts and misgivings on the portraits thus, remain still, but it should be at least now certain the identity of the two young Renaissance ladies at issue: let's see who they were and what were the most famous "women Leonardo".

Cecilia Gallerani, (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/8136/storia-moderna/la-collana-di-cecilia-gallerani-leonardesca-dama-con-lermellino e https://www.pilloledistoria.it/8127/storia-moderna/400-la-bella-acconciatura-della-dama-con-lermellino) immortalized in arm with a tender and candid ermine, It was the favorite of Ludovico il Moro, with whom he had his son Cesare.

Leonardo made the portrait of plus or minus fifteen girl Milano around 1479; l'animal, symbol of meekness and gentleness, in the work acquires a symbolic value, ending to represent the qualities recognized the woman.

The Gallerani, educated, lover of music and literature, He had a great influence on the culture of.

Away from the court unceremoniously following the marriage of Ludovico il Moro, in 1492 Cecilia married Count Ludovico Carminati say "The Bergamino"Transforming the marital home into a meeting place for artists, poets and writers.

The Gallerani died in 1536 at the age of 63 years.

And what to say instead of “Gioconda”, almost certainly the best known female face to the world?

Lisa Gherardini, O Lisa del Giocondo or again Monna Lisa, belonging to a noble Florentine family, He was born in 1479 and he died in 1542 (in fact there is no absolute certainty about that date, because according to some scholars Lisa lived to 71 O 72 years).

She married the wealthy Francesco del Giocondo, with whom he had five children but which also raised the first, Bartolomeo, born from the first marriage of man.

As known, the painting is located at the Paris museum Louvre (photo: passipermilano.com).