Venus de Milo

Ancient Greece: the hairstyle of the Venus de Milo

The Women of Ancient Greece They cared very physical appearance and reserving much attention to hair, symbol of feminine charm and infallible weapon of seduction in every age.

Written sources, but also the countless depictions and sculptures come to us, allow us to become aware, at least in part, of the hairstyles most popular.

Generally the hair line was long reach and embellished tapes, diademi e circles.

The women of ancient Greece were very fond of the hairstyles collected, with hair stopped behind her head in a soft hair bun leaving a few strands free fall here and there.

The hair of the Greek ladies were always shiny, soft and shiny and when, unavoidably, the passage of time began to ingrigirli, He resorted to tinctures (often consist of ingredients dangerous to health), preferably in dark colors (Photo gives: