croquettes fruit

A page “The Forme of Cury”, English medieval recipe (1390) from which comes the recipe for croquettes reported during the post fruit

The cooking recipe carryover in this post It is taken from The Forme of Cury, the most important English medieval recipe (first publication 1390); it is a dolce that was served at the table especially Christmas.

Will you do it now for upcoming holidays?
Ingredients and process for preparing the Croquettes fruit (Rysshews forth fruit of) You find them below:
Per 6 people
350 grams of dried figs, 150 raisins, 2 my, 2 pere, 2 glasses of red wine, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground ginger. 2 eggs, breadcrumbs q.s.. fry oil.
Whisk the eggs and finely chopped dried figs and raisins.
Add the grated apples and pears, along with ginger and cinnamon.
With the mixture prepares many balls, immerse them one by one into the eggs and then pass them in breadcrumbs.
In a large pan put plenty of oil to heat, when it is hot dip the croquettes fruit and make them brown on each side.
Scolale well and let dry on paper towels.
Serve piping hot (Photo gives: