Vittorio Emanuele III

Vittorio Emanuele III

After that the queen Helen ( also there Vittorio Emanuele III remains He has just returned to Italy to be buried in Vicoforte, in Cuneo, right next to his beloved wife.

As known, the illustrious remains were in the Cathedral of Saint Catherine at Alexandria, dove l’ex monarch had died 28 December 1947.

even the 70 exact years have passed since that event, however,, They are sufficient to avoid the usual, inevitable and sterile controversy of which our country seems to not be able to do without, as a part of the ruling class and the Jewish community have arisen shouting to a scandal that no one knows what constitutes.

Yet important questions to think about and urgent problems to be solved it would have in abundance, just obviously lingering in discussions nonsense and inventing non-existent cases better befits their (in)capacity and cunningly helps to throw in the eyes of enough people smoke to prevent them from seeing the right measure what are the real problems of a country in disarray.

I almost never given the freedom to express personal opinions on the topics covered in the site, but this time I might make an exception, because when you get to certain levels of disloyalty, albeit with undeniable traits of absolute absurdity, those lucky enough to occupy a public space too small as it may be a blog, It has the right and the duty to intervene expressing, respect for all, their opinion.


The Sanctuary of Vicoforte, where he will rest the remains of Victor Emmanuel III

What's the problem?

What a dead back where he was born and lived to rest in peace?

Some will object that this is not a dead any, pointing the finger at the sins, it is ascertained that alleged, Vittorio Emanuele III, but then, with equal objectivity and severity, It will also enlighten us about the existence, at any time and the earth, a politician who has been error-free, more or less serious, and weaknesses.

I do not know anyone, let alone for the last decades, in which the fester of the odious privileges and’ General and rampant incompetence, they ended up reducing an entire population to starvation minimum and taking away the most essential services rights.

And I prefer not to dwell on the criminal behavior, If they own or even make money on earthquakes, and the mafia collusion chops to this battered country an endless series of deaths, death and ruin.

We are serious: it is normal that those who have been complicit, one way or another, only today or yesterday, of such conduct, erga is now a chief judge and a moral censor of people who lived before them and therefore forced to act, good or bad, in times and contexts unknown to them?

Unfortunately, blaming the dead, sometimes even after they have been acclaimed alive (and powerful) Italian is a very bad habit, we should abandon once and for all if you really are aiming to become democratic and civil.

So history does not change and we can not do anything but try to know and understand the limits of our possibilities, knowing that much of it we will remain completely unknown.

As for Vittorio Emanuele III, burial in one place rather than another, and all the negative judgments of the world, They could never change the fact that it was the king of Italy, so only those who are sick or in bad faith or ideology devoid of humanity or simply dull, You may wonder or scandalized by the fact that an Italian is, Finally, back home (Photo gives: e