Ravioli. The whites had a ravioli dish Christmas medieval England

Only a few days to Christmas and like every year, Also in this part of 2017, public about History Pills (as you can see the site has been completely renovated!) some recipes which formerly were prepared for this very happy occasion (the gastronomy, apparently, really I like my readers).

The following is taken from The Forme of Cury, the most important English cookbook and one of the most important era Europe medieval (his first publication was in 1390); The Italian text The Forme of Cury. The kitchen at the court of King Richard II of England, and of Guido Tommasi Editor.

Here is how to achieve excellent ravioli white (rauioles) “of yesteryear”.

“Get the white cheese and sminuzzalo, merge it with eggs, saffron and a good amount 'of butter.

Prepare a thin sheet of dough and enclose the mixture as tortelletti; immerse them in boiling water and cook.

Get the warm melted butter and grated cheese ravioli and arrange on plates; put the hot butter with grated cheese under and over the ravioli, sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg and pepper walnut” (Photo gives: taccuinistorici.it).