The Sad and Lonely Death of Louis XV and the Smallpox Vaccine

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Portrait of Louis XV. The king died of smallpox in 1774 April 1774: during one of the usual hunting near Versailles which has always devoted their spare time, the old king of France, Louis XV felt ill. After three days spent in bed between moans and shooting pains, i [...]

The Sun King…in the bathroom

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Luigi XIV, the Sun King not always the privacy in the most intimate moments was considered crucial, rather. At the time of Louis XIV, the Sun King, She is admitted to his presence while he was to perform their bodily needs, It was indeed an honor. For charity, not that it was a [...]

Marie Antoinette and the Hunt

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Marie Antoinette hunting Hunting, especially that the fox, It was one of the favorite activities of sovereigns and aristocrats in past centuries; the young King of France, Louis XVI felt towards this discipline a passion even immeasurable, so as not to give up his daily hunt for no reason at all, careless [...]

Scene Osé Marie Antoinette and Fersen in Movies (with Video)

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Maria Antonietta (Kirsten Dunst) e Fersen (Jamie Dornan) in "Marie Antoinette" (2006) Personally, I was expecting much more from the Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette, a film that, in my opinion, not only he does not add anything to the figure of Maria Antonietta, ma, Unlike, He insists on the hackneyed and trite vision of a woman [...]

As wore makeup a French lady of the '700?

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One of the '700 What girl was, usually, the usual make-up of the '700 French lady? The lucky ladies who had the opportunity to reside in Versailles, but also noble ladies a little 'less highly placed, spent hours and hours in front of the mirror every day to be fashionable and appear before [...]

Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun, Painter (runaway) Marie Antoinette

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Portrait of Madame Vigee-Le Brun The painter Élisabeth-Louise Vigee-Le Brun (1755-1842) It is considered one of the greatest of his era ritrattiste, technically equipped and very prolific, much to sign over nine hundred paintings. Surely his most important patron (and munificent) It was the queen of France Marie Antoinette, who commissioned about its winds [...]

Forced Diet for Marie Antoinette and his Entourage

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One pasture to cut. A meal of dishes and exotic spices, He costs to Marie Antoinette and other noble few days of forced diet Although the queen Marie Antoinette ate her little (, occasionally he liked to experiment with new tastes and know the taste of food from foreign countries, also [...]

The rivalry between Marie Antoinette and Madame Du Barry

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Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette film "Marie Antoinette" In the last years of the reign of Louis XV, The court of Versailles was animated by the rivalry, all female, between the two leading ladies of France: Maria Antonietta, future queen and wife of Louis XVI, e Madame Du Barry, favored last in order of time [...]

The Ferocious satire of the Parisians on the Pompadour Intimate Issues

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Madame de Pompadour in a movie. The intimate problems he suffered, They cost the Marquise slander and ridicule Once you reach the main purpose of his life, to become the mistress of the king, Madame de Pompadour drew around that person the implacable hatred of courtiers and commoners. That any bourgeois, although smart, [...]

Louis XV and his Lovers: Simpatico an Anecdote

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Portrait of Louise O'Murphy, one of the favorite mistresses of Louis XV Louis XV, as known, It was a tireless lover, always ready to change his woman like you do with the objects, that once into disuse or no longer satisfactory, replacing. For a certain period of time the king, Also the stancatosi [...]