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Albert Mathiez: Terror and the Fall of Robespierre

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Maximilien Robespierre thank Stefania Di Pasquale, translator and collaborator of the research group North Pole-Group Brussels, that deals with the French Revolution and the figure of Jean-Paul Marat in particular, for sending to the pills History article that I report, namely the vision of Terror and the fall of Robespierre second [...]

Simonne Evrard: who was the wife of Marat?

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Portrait of Simonne Evrard, wife of Marat (Carnavalet, Paris) The following article, entirely dedicated to Simonne Evrard, wife of the French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, It has been translated to pills by Stefania Di Pasquale History, collaborator of the research group North Pole-Group Brussels, that deals with the French Revolution and especially of [...]

The “panties”

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One of the '700 French nobleman wearing culottes A typical garment of men's fashion eighteenth century behind the French Revolution were the culottes, as already written in this post http://www.pilloledistoria.it/8234/storia-moderna/come-vestiva-un-nobile-francese-del-700. But as they were made, precisely, culottes and how they carried? It was elegant shorts, that closed [...]

How many people were killed during the Terror?

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27 July 1794: with the execution of Robespierre and his closest associates ends on Terror is said of Terror Terror or simply the darkest period of the bloody French Revolution, which started in July 1793 and he ended in July 1794, precisely the day 27, with the execution of Maximilien Robespierre [...]

Trial of Marie Antoinette: l'(Absurd) Accusation of Incest

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Maria Antonietta defends himself during his trial The trial that the former French queen Marie Antoinette suffered in 1793 fu farce, like most of those held during the French Revolution, all, from the beginning, outcome for granted, namely the death sentence of the accused. During the hearings the woman [...]

The dead (Vera or Presumptive?) di Louis Charles, Son Of Marie Antoinette

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Louis Charles of Bourbon prisoner to the Temple When and how he died Charles Louis de Bourbon, son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, rightful heir to the French throne? The fate of the prince, known as the "child of the Temple", It is one of the greatest enigmas of the past two centuries. Certainly we know that [...]

Painting and History: Louis XV and Favorita-Prostitute

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Louis XV and Madame Du Barry, his latest favorite, portraits in a nineteenth-century painting by Gyula Benczúr The French King, except for the honest and sober Louis XVI, They have always been distinguished for a libertine behavior such as brash, but Louis XV, who then it was the grandfather of the unfortunate sovereign guillotined during the Terror, [...]

Powder Prohibited during the French Revolution

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A lady in the mirror. The use of the powder was banned during the French Revolution Every era has its fashion. Under the French Revolution this point of view is remembered as a period in which the trousers were spread, short hair and also certain prohibitions, that we may look at least a [...]

A Curiosity on Bastille: it Marchese De Sade

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Presumed Portrait of the Marquis De Sade twenties Bastille Day, occurred on 14 July 1789 in Paris, It is considered the event that such officially started the French Revolution. When the rioters broke into the old fortress, long used as a prison, to free prisoners, they only found 7 and only for [...]

The Blacksmith it betrayed Louis XVI

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Louis XVI ordered the blacksmith Francois Gamain the construction of the famous "Iron Wardrobe" Louis XVI (1754-1793) nourished, as known, a great passion for the manufacture of iron, in which he himself deeply involved, apparently with some success, every time that institutional commitments allowed him. The king had learned the secrets [...]