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Florence at the time of the Medici: the Tavern of the Snail

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An ancient image of Florence. In the era Medici, the most famous tavern in the city was to "Snail" The book by Jean-Lucas Dubreton Daily life in Florence at the time of the Medici, It is a precious mine of interesting information on the main aspects of the Florentine daily life in the moment of maximum splendor of the city, that as [...]

At lunch by a Florentine merchant of the '500: the (Rich) Menu

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Ready for the table. A wealthy Florentine merchant of the Medici era, could afford, generally, very expensive food if we had the chance to be invited to dinner by a '500 Florentine bourgeois, the typical social class, time, merchants, There certainly would be faced with a menu rich and well, more [...]

Florence in the '500: Vanguard Hospitals

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A former hospital. The Renaissance Florentine hospitals were treated and equipped hospitals in Florence at the time of the Medici, almost certainly they worked better than those currently existing in Italy. The rest, between the '400 and' 500, the Tuscan city became the most important of Europe and laid down the law in every field. That's what [...]

Self Portrait (Hidden away) Michelangelo discovered in his Work?

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The portrait of Vittoria Colonna by Michelangelo; del'artista the portrait would be marked by the square icons to the left of the drawing Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) It continues to surprise even after centuries and perhaps will never stop doing it. In 1525, as known, the great Tuscan artist painted a portrait of his friend and poet Vittoria Colonna (the work [...]

Florence during the Renaissance: the Education of Girls

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The ladies of the Pollaiolo. In the Florence of the Medici female education it became much less rigid than in the past the cultural and social renaissance that characterized Florence in the Renaissance, in full time Medici, also he concerned the education of girls, marking a definitive break with the past: the gloomy and extremely restrictive rules which led to the formation [...]

A Funeral in Florence at the time of the Medici

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Florence during the Renaissance. In the era Medici, the Lordship intervened in the organization of the funeral of a citizen in Florence, in full time Medici, when a citizen died the same Signoria intervened in the organization of the funeral. Before the funeral the deceased, lying on the simple straw, It was exposed to those present who intend to offer him the extreme greeting dress with [...]

A table with a Florentine Renaissance

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A table prepared Renaissance. A Florentine era never let go of good wine If we had the opportunity to sit at the table of an average of the Renaissance Florence, between the '400 and' 500, in full time Medici, What we might expect to eat? Almost certainly it would be served a plate of pasta, [...]

The Leonardo da Vinci Women: those who were in Reality?

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The "Lady with an Ermine" namely Cecilia Gallerani and "The Gioconda", or Lisa Gherardini, the most famous women in Art History The "Lady with an Ermine" and "Mona Lisa", most famous as the latter "The Gioconda", are two of the most famous, mysterious and discussed female portraits by Leonardo da Vinci; the ambiguous glances, the particularity of the poses [...]

A joke (indecent) Narrated by Leonardo da Vinci

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The faces of Leonardo and Mona Lisa, one of his most famous works. The artist and scientist had, apparently, the taste of the joke and the joke salacious imagine that unsurpassed wizards Leonardo da Vinci telling jokes, moreover also quite dirty? Well, it seems that the great artist and scientist [...]

Why Piero de’ Doctors have said “the Gouty”?

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Piero de 'Medici said "the Gouty" Piero de 'Medici (1416-1469), father of Giuliano (1453-1478) and the famous Lorenzo il Magnifico (1449-1492), It has gone down in history with the unsympathetic name de "the Gouty" because of the disease that afflicted him for much of his life, gout precisely. gout, over [...]