Death of Raphael: the Great Painter was poisoned with arsenic?

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The Raphael's death in a painting by Raphael Della death, the great Italian painter, I have already spoken in this post: According to Giorgio Vasari, he perished [...]

Welcome Cellini, Syphilis and a Poisoning Finished…Good

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A portrait of Benvenuto Cellini strange and curious One thread ties together Benvenuto Cellini, syphilis and a botched attempt to poison damage to artist. Fate [...]

Michelangelo and Leonardo did not they endured Each Other?

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Portraits of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti were two absolute geniuses of the Renaissance, but it seems that between Michelangelo and Leonardo did not run bad blood (see also [...]

Bowls Filled Water on Renaissance Tables: What they were needed to?

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Some typical furnishings of a Renaissance feast. There were also bowls to wash your hands if you happen to see paintings depicting the great and typical banquet [...]

Simonetta Vespucci, Beautiful Renaissance

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Simonetta Vespucci portrayed by Sandro Botticelli (particular Simonetta Vespucci, born Cattaneo, ( 1453-1476) It was one of the most beautiful and admired noblewomen of Renaissance Florence. Originally almost certainly [...]