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puffy Eyes: Two Recipes to Start Natural '900

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Advertising "vintage" I quote from the manual of health and beauty to be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), two recipes and some tips to remedy the problem of puffy eyes. The text reads: "When the eyes are swollen they particularly recommend light massages: Castor oil gr.5 Vaseline gr.5 Olive oil gr.5 Tannin [...]

Beauty Renaissance Recipe for Reducing Breast (Without Surgery…)

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Young Renaissance woman. To try to reduce the breast, in '500 is used bizarre natural ingredients Women have always had great experience of beautiful breasts, symbol of femininity par excellence. While plastic surgery, often decisive solution but decidedly invasive, It is a recent invention, the same can not be said for [...]

Breast in the Middle Ages: Plants and flowers for its beauty

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A woman of the Middle Ages. The breast was one of the body parts that women cared more If you believe that the beauty of the breast is a "fixation" modern, you are wrong. The breast is the symbol par excellence of the female body, Therefore women, since the dawn of time, you are always [...]

High forehead: how He obtained?

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Portrait of Battista Sforza. It exhibits typical high forehead which was then in fashion Every era, and to, It has its own beauty ideals. Around the '500, Full Renaissance, the ladies loved to show off a high forehead (let's say immeasurable) e bombata. How did they get to? The era advised manuals "way [...]

blondes (Red or) with the Urine

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Portrait of the '600 dama (Rubens). To become blondes (or red), the ladies of the time they also used urine The women take care of their hair since ancient times, sometimes using methods that today may seem bizarre, but they were the only ones available or the most effective in their day. There are [...]

Hand Cream with Glycerine: Start Recipe '900

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Many creams early '900 were glycerin-based cosmetics ready for sale at the supermarket and in perfumery are effective and safe comfortable, but sometimes it can be fun to do it yourself by following ancient beauty recipes already perfectly lapped by grandmothers, as the [...]

Oily Skin? Home Remedies and Tips' 900

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Woman's Face (beginning of '900). The skin is cured by natural methods from the usual beauty manual To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), I report some useful tips to care for and maintain the best oily skin; the text indicates those who at the time were considered the best remedies in this regard and suggests lotions and creams to prepare at home. "All [...]

Health and Beauty Home '900: Medicated bath to Linden

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Health and Beauty in the beginning of '900. The dips (including that to linden) They needed to preserve health and beauty of the skin An entire section of the manual to be beautiful female beauty (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906) It is dedicated to dips, those baths that they had the function of preserving the beauty but also [...]

Falling and Wrinkled Neck? of Home Remedies' 900

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Anonymous portrait of woman early '900. The beauty of the neck was preserved with various natural remedies It 's always the precious Manual of female beauty to be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), I draw the valuable advice given below, this time to counter the natural subsidence of the neck and to fight wrinkles that goes [...]

Points Blacks: Tips to Start '900 Fight them

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A beautiful female face early '900. The points blacks fought mainly with natural remedies have not had access to the sophisticated cosmetic products currently on the market, but our great grandmothers fared equally well in the eternal struggle against the ugly and hateful blacks points, for which used mainly [...]