Alberto Angela brings us to the discovery of Marie Antoinette

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The episode of Ulysses-The joy of discovery dedicated to Marie Antoinette who loves history and, in particular, Maria Antonietta, You can not miss the third episode of the new season of Ulysses-The joy of discovery, aired Saturday 5 October 2019 Rai Uno starting at 21.25. The evening fact, It is dedicated [...]

Tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony: we are at a Turn?

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Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Maybe it was finally rediscovered the tomb of Cleopatra Cleopatra's tomb was eventually found? According to Zahi Hawass, famous archaeologist and Egyptologist, Yup. The queen of Egypt, according to the scholar's statements, He would be buried in Taposiris Magna (Abusir), not too far from Alexandria, next to her beloved Marco [...]

Marie Antoinette and Fersen: Tragic End of a Love

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Fersen and Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette and Fersen loved? Or theirs was only a deep friendship, cemented by intense esteem and deep mutual respect? The true nature of their relationship, it certainly was solid and lasting, it is intended, for obvious reasons, to remain a mystery. According to some historians, the Queen of [...]

Maria Stuarda Breaks Tradition and Bride White Dress

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Mary Queen of Scots in white wedding gown 24 April 1558 Maria Stuarda (1542-1587) He married the Dauphin of France, Then the king by the name of Francis II, She is wearing a dress which sparked immediate outcry for a reason that our eyes looks rather bizarre: it was white. In reality, before her, already the princess [...]

Catherine the Great died on the Toilet Mug?

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Portrait of Catherine the Great On the death of Catherine the Great, this la Grande, They circulated immediately uncontrolled gossip in the obscene and laughable (, including the chatter according to which the sovereign had died on the toilet bowl. But was it really so? No, in truth the Empress was hit by a stroke [...]

Catherine the Great: Gossip in a “Red lights” on His Death

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Catherine the Great on horseback Catherine II of Russia, clever enough politically to be remembered as "the big one", He died suddenly at the age of 67 years while, in their rooms, He was busy changing clothes, almost certainly suffered a stroke. The news of the Empress's disappearance was not slow to spread in European courts, giving rise to [...]

The Height (Exaggerated?) Maria Stuarda: an Anecdote

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Maria Stuarda. It seems that the height of the queen grazed the six-footer Maria Stuarda, unfortunate Queen of France and Scotland (, as well as intelligent, cultured and passionate, It was also a very beautiful woman, admired and courted, as can be seen, in effect, portraits and even from the funerary cast of his face. [...]

Mary Queen of Scots and James Son: how Mysteries?

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Mary Queen of Scots and her husband Lord Darnley Queen of France and Scotland Maria Stuarda (1542-1587) He was an intelligent, passionate woman, but not exactly a model mother. Because? For probably font, or for other reasons that will be impossible to discover. What is certain is that the sovereign had a son, Giacomo, [...]

The charm of the Savoy Women Show

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In the Castle of Racconigi (Cuneo), showcases the charm of the women of the House of Savoy House of Savoy, in its thousand years of history, He could often rely on the work of women intellectually valid, morally irreproachable and even fascinating is that the aesthetic character. In recent times, as known, They enjoyed huge [...]

Anna Bolena: Short biography

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Natalie Dormer The actress plays Anne Boleyn in the television drama "The Tudors" Anna Bolena is one of the female figures that have most marked the modern history of Britain and Europe; from his scandalous liaison with Henry VIII originated the religious schism that led to the birth of the Anglican Church, a rumored marriage, finally, the untimely death [...]