Tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony: we are at a Turn?

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Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Maybe it was finally rediscovered the tomb of Cleopatra Cleopatra's tomb was eventually found? According to Zahi Hawass, famous archaeologist and Egyptologist, [...]

Maria Stuarda Breaks Tradition and Bride White Dress

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Mary Queen of Scots in white wedding gown 24 April 1558 Maria Stuarda (1542-1587) He married the Dauphin of France, Then the king by the name of Francis II, wearing [...]

Catherine the Great died on the Toilet Mug?

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Portrait of Catherine the Great On the death of Catherine the Great, this la Grande, They circulated immediately uncontrolled gossip in the obscene and laughable (, compresa la chiacchiera [...]

Catherine the Great: Gossip in a “Red lights” on His Death

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Catherine the Great on horseback Catherine II of Russia, clever enough politically to be remembered as "the big one", He died suddenly at the age of 67 years while, in their rooms, [...]

The Height (Exaggerated?) Maria Stuarda: an Anecdote

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Maria Stuarda. It seems that the height of the queen grazed the six-footer Maria Stuarda, unfortunate Queen of France and Scotland (, as well as intelligent, cultured and passionate, [...]