Oetzi was Sick Heart

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Oetzi at the time of its discovery, in 1991, between the ice of the Similaun Oetzi, primitive man also known as the Iceman Mummy, He continues to reveal much about himself and, in tal modo, Also on the age in which he lived far away from us (also see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/7218/preistoria/scoperto-un-nuovo-tatuaggio-sul-corpo-di-oetzi-la-mummia-del-similaun). As known, He was discovered by chance by a [...]

Crayon 10000 Years Ago Found in Britain

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The "pastel" Prehistoric recently discovered in England Britain is once again proves an inexhaustible source of prehistoric archaeological finds: It remained buried under a few centimeters of peat for about 10000 years, but eventually it was discovered, a "pastel" recently discovered by a team of archaeologists in the Mesolithic site of Star Carr. [...]

Pterosauro: Found 200 eggs

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The Pterosaur eggs found in China Two hundred of Pterosaur eggs recently found in the Gobi Desert, in China, by a team of paleontologists, could shed new light on the understanding of these creatures that lived on our planet millions of years ago. the pterosaurs, or winged lizards, or the giant reptiles, were the [...]

Dog and Man: Friends are as well 8000 Years around?

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The rock carvings discovered in Saudi Arabia The dog is man's best friend, We have always known, but the novelty is that this link could be born much earlier than assumed to date. That at least is that they show, If dating is confirmed, the rock paintings recently discovered in the [...]

Found very ancient engraving of Uro (“Ancestor” del Toro)

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Engraved on stone uro (the image does not refers to the discovery of which is the post, but the Romito Cave) It 'was recently found in France an ancient engraving depicting a uro on a stone slab, a relic dating from about 38000 Years ago. The animal is depicted surrounded by unidentified [...]

Melon seeds Prehistoric found in Sardinia

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Some of melon seeds found in Sardinia Sardinians were the first to cultivate the melon in Europe? It would seem so, yes according to the finding in a well of Sa Osa (Cabras, Oristano), of 47 melon seeds back to a period comprised between the 1310 and the 1120 a.C. (age of [...]

Rattle Prehistoric for Babies Found in Russia

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The prehistoric rattle found in Russia seems that some toys are timeless and like them equally to children today as those of yesterday. The one found a few weeks ago in a Russian archaeological site is a rattle belonged to a baby lived about 4000 Years ago. It is a [...]

Found “cigarette” prehistoric

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prehistoric Camp. Traces of rudimentary "cigarettes" have recently been found in one of them An interesting discovery has recently covered a desert area of ​​Utah (USA), where a team of scientists has discovered a camp used by human hunters and gatherers lived roughly 12.300 Years ago. The most curious aspect of the discovery is [...]