Khioniya Guseva, the Woman without Naso who tried to kill Rasputin

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29 June 1914: Khioniya Guseva stabbed Rasputin in the street The close link which Rasputin with leading members of the Russian imperial family, made him hated by many, who resented that a bizarre, almost illiterate Siberian monaco had reached a position of such prestige and power. The 29 June 1914, in [...]

Rasputin and the Prostitute

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Rasputin surrounded by women, His great passion There is no aspect of the life of Rasputin who is not controversial, but perhaps no one is how much his sexuality, nowadays, a hundred years after the death, far from clear. Certainly the Siberian monaco was somewhat exuberant from this point of view, ma [...]

Sinking of Titanic, New Theory: Blame was the Moon?

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Sinking of Titanic: a reconstruction have passed exactly 105 years from the sinking of the Titanic, inabissatosi into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the night of 14 and the 15 April 1912, but this tragic event and fascinating at the same time, he never stopped talking or, even less, to investigate. According to two physical [...]

What architect built the Colosseum?

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the Colosseum. The architect who devised it has been lost We know (quasi) all about Colosseum, but because you never mentions the architect who devised it? Easy: his name has been lost. In fact they remain unknown for us almost all the names of the authors of the most famous Roman monuments and [...]

Confucius: She found her portrait as Old?

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Confucius may have been discovered the oldest known to date image of Confucius: it would be imprinted on a bronze mirror belonging to the rich funerary a tomb found 5 years ago and of which only a few months ago we were finally identified the remains of the illustrious owner and host. not one [...]

Middle Ages: the Fruit and Vegetables Market

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fruit and vegetable market in the Middle Ages In the Middle Ages the market was a vibrant place of expenditure and meetings and certainly one of the most dynamic aspects of society and daily life of the ( An idea of ​​how it should take place and the excitement that animated, succeed provides a famous fresco [...]

Bedpan: its Evolution in Versailles

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Ancient chamber pot painted porcelain For about two centuries, the sixteenth and seventeenth, to carry out the same profane but essential function of the water, It was the commode, a small portable wooden box with inside a jar. In order to be more comfortable seat was padded, and to make it more elegant, till [...]

The Medieval Houses

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A typical medieval house. Usually houses, in the Middle Ages, As they were on two floors it was made a medieval house? An unambiguous and accurate answer to this question can not be given, because there were significant differences from one place to another and even within the same city, but in principle a [...]

Renaissance: the Prime “Boutiques” Italian

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An ancestor of our boutiques: "the tailor's shop", a fresco of the Issogne Castle (Valle d'Aosta) Milano, Florence, Bologna, Genoa and Venice became, in full Renaissance, the "Silk Roads" favorite of our country, city ​​literally teeming with large, luxurious shops where they sold precious materials, and especially seven [...]

Market and shops in the Middle Ages

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A market of many centuries ago during the Middle Ages the market was a place of purchases, but also for meetings and socializing, as there used to meet people from all social strata. Riches and Poors, men and women, young and old, all looking for bargains, made medieval markets [...]