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Being Magre in Victorian Period

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Women Victorian era. Being thin was an imperative of beauty which you could not escape Each historical period has its own aesthetic rules, but the thinness, almost always, it is an imperative to which it is difficult to escape. It was like that for the Victorian woman, which was to keep as much as possible [...]

The “panties”

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One of the '700 French nobleman wearing culottes A typical garment of men's fashion eighteenth century behind the French Revolution were the culottes, as already written in this post http://www.pilloledistoria.it/8234/storia-moderna/come-vestiva-un-nobile-francese-del-700. But as they were made, precisely, culottes and how they carried? It was elegant shorts, that closed [...]

Hairstyles “Thought provoking” Versailles

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A lady at the hairdresser in '700. Some extravagant hairstyles sported by ladies in Versailles made time for a certain period of time at the court of Versailles hairstyles ladies showed off nothing short of extravagant, characterized by twisted hair around a sort of "scaffolding" that kept them high above the head (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/6548/storia-moderna/un-veliero-sulla-testa-di-maria-antonietta). Come [...]

How They wore the Egyptians?

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Typical clothing of the Egyptians Most of the information on how to dress the Egyptians learn from the wall paintings of the tombs and archeology. In the Egyptians depicted scenes wearing very little actually: workers are naked or covered by up to a skimpy thong, the others, principals and supervisors work, [...]

Renaissance: the Prime “Boutiques” Italian

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An ancestor of our boutiques: "the tailor's shop", a fresco of the Issogne Castle (Valle d'Aosta) Milano, Florence, Bologna, Genoa and Venice became, in full Renaissance, the "Silk Roads" favorite of our country, city ​​literally teeming with large, luxurious shops where they sold precious materials, and especially seven [...]

We enter into a '700 Tailoring

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The tailoring of Arles Antoine Raspal (1760) What you see pictured here to the side is an oil painting on canvas by Antoine Raspal dating back to 1760: in practice this framework, Known As The seamstress atelier in Arles, It allows us to virtually enter into a typical French couture mid-eighteenth century. [...]

The Invention of Sneakers

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Le prime sneakers "for everyone": The Converse All Star Today we wear all appreciate them for their great comfort, but in 800, when they were created for the first time, sneakers represented a small revolution in the field of footwear. The first sneakers were a consequence of the recorded rubber vulcanization patent [...]

French Revolution: War…the Powder!

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A lady in the mirror. The use of the powder was banned during the French Revolution Every era has its fashion. Under the French Revolution this point of view is remembered as a period in which the trousers were spread, short hair and also certain prohibitions, that we may look at least a [...]

Female Fashion “dangerous”: Capes, Skirts and Diseases

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nineteenth-century women's fashion. The skirts were long Generally, the nineteenth-century women's fashion was quite elegant and refined, of a class rich simplicity and charm that still today we can see in paintings, postcards and engravings of the time, "but it is not gold that glitters". The clothes that wrapped the body of [...]

Catherine’ doctors and…underpants

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Portrait of Catherine de 'Medici The use of underwear, that throughout the Middle Ages had been the exclusive prerogative of males and dishonest women (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/2655/medioevo/biancheria-intima-medievale-donne-indossavano-mutande-ciclo-mestruale), invested with a new and unusual charge erotic, They began to depopulate between the courtesans of the '500. It was also in this century, Catherine de Medici tried to [...]