Alberto Angela brings us to the discovery of Marie Antoinette

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The episode of Ulysses-The joy of discovery dedicated to Marie Antoinette who loves history and, in particular, Maria Antonietta, You can not miss the third episode of the new season of Ulysses-The joy of discovery, aired Saturday 5 October 2019 Rai Uno starting at 21.25. The evening fact, It is dedicated [...]

Last Letter of Marie Antoinette before the Gallows: Text and Curiosity

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Last letter from Marie Antoinette (original text) The last letter of Marie Antoinette, written by the former queen of France just hours before climbing the steps of the guillotine, It is kept in the National Archives of the Hotel de Soubise. The document, as well as poignant, It is crucial to understand the character of its author. It deals with, in [...]

Marie Antoinette and Fersen: Tragic End of a Love

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Fersen and Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette and Fersen loved? Or theirs was only a deep friendship, cemented by intense esteem and deep mutual respect? The true nature of their relationship, it certainly was solid and lasting, it is intended, for obvious reasons, to remain a mystery. According to some historians, the Queen of [...]

The Face of “Vero” heels

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Fersen in the cartoon Lady Oscar What did the "bel heels", wich was (perhaps) the lover of Marie Antoinette? People like me who as a child did not miss an episode of Lady Oscar, It tends to identify with the beautiful animated cardboard boy and finds it difficult to imagine different from it (you see in the picture [...]

“Maria Antonietta” (1938), one of the most beautiful film about the Queen of France (with Video)

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Norma Shearer in "Maria Antonietta", 1938 Although now a bit 'dated (1938), "Maria Antonietta" di W.S.Van Dike II, is still today one of the most famous and beautiful film dedicated to the unfortunate Queen of France guillotined during the French Revolution. of film, strictly black and white, two aspects, probably, affect above all [...]

Execution of Marie Antoinette in the film 1938 (with Video)

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Norma Shearer plays Marie Antoinette in the film of the 1938 In the video (da I've added to the bottom of the post you can see the final scene of the famous movie 1938 Maria Antonietta, the execution of the former Queen of France, interpreted by Norma Shearer, Oscar nomination for the role. Despite the undisputed value of the film and [...]

The First Meeting between Marie Antoinette and Fersen in a Motion Picture (with Video)

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Marie Antoinette and Fersen meet for the first time during a masked ball (by film "Marie Antoinette") It is not known if the Queen of France Marie Antoinette and the Swedish Count Fersen have had a real relationship, understood even in a fleshly sense, but certainly their bond [...]

Scene Osé Marie Antoinette and Fersen in Movies (with Video)

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Maria Antonietta (Kirsten Dunst) e Fersen (Jamie Dornan) in "Marie Antoinette" (2006) Personally, I was expecting much more from the Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette, a film that, in my opinion, not only he does not add anything to the figure of Maria Antonietta, ma, Unlike, He insists on the hackneyed and trite vision of a woman [...]

The Scandal of the Diamond Necklace

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Copy the precious diamond necklace that was the subject of scandal The "of diamond necklace scandal", which resulted in a well-known process which took place in 1786, He came to overwhelm the already shaky reputation of the French queen Marie Antoinette, although in reality it was just an incredible conspiracy hatched by characters [...]

The Final Hours of Marie Antoinette

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The last hours of Marie Antoinette in a painting Since the post on Queen Marie Antoinette always a great success and are among the most widely read History of Pills, I add to those already written an old article I did for the site, where briefly reconstruct the last hours of life [...]