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Last Letter of Marie Antoinette before the Gallows: Text and Curiosity

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Last letter from Marie Antoinette (original text) The last letter of Marie Antoinette, written by the former queen of France just hours before climbing the steps of the guillotine, It is kept in the National Archives of the Hotel de Soubise. The document, as well as poignant, It is crucial to understand the character of its author. It deals with, in [...]

Trial of Marie Antoinette: l'(Absurd) Accusation of Incest

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Maria Antonietta defends himself during his trial The trial that the former French queen Marie Antoinette suffered in 1793 fu farce, like most of those held during the French Revolution, all, from the beginning, outcome for granted, namely the death sentence of the accused. During the hearings the woman [...]

The Sad and Lonely Death of Louis XV and the Smallpox Vaccine

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Portrait of Louis XV. The king died of smallpox in 1774 April 1774: during one of the usual hunting near Versailles which has always devoted their spare time, the old king of France, Louis XV felt ill. After three days spent in bed between moans and shooting pains, i [...]

The “chin” Habsburg

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Marie Antoinette Profile. It 'clear the typical undershot Habsburg Family members Habsburg, one of the oldest and largest European dynasties, They had a characteristic physical trait that were handed down one after the other, the so-called "chin", or that undershot jaw of genetic origin that was a feature of their faces and [...]

Marie Antoinette and the Hunt

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Marie Antoinette hunting Hunting, especially that the fox, It was one of the favorite activities of sovereigns and aristocrats in past centuries; the young King of France, Louis XVI felt towards this discipline a passion even immeasurable, so as not to give up his daily hunt for no reason at all, careless [...]

Marie Antoinette by David View

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The famous Jacques-Louis David design that portrays Marie Antoinette to the guillotine What you can see in the photo, It is one of the most celebrated designs of History, namely the sketch in pen executed by Jacques-Louis David in the late morning 16 October 1793, precisely when the cart went the condemned slow [...]

Execution of Marie Antoinette in the film 1938 (with Video)

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Norma Shearer plays Marie Antoinette in the film of the 1938 In the video (da I've added to the bottom of the post you can see the final scene of the famous movie 1938 Maria Antonietta, the execution of the former Queen of France, interpreted by Norma Shearer, Oscar nomination for the role. Despite the undisputed value of the film and [...]

The First Meeting between Marie Antoinette and Fersen in a Motion Picture (with Video)

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Marie Antoinette and Fersen meet for the first time during a masked ball (by film "Marie Antoinette") It is not known if the Queen of France Marie Antoinette and the Swedish Count Fersen have had a real relationship, understood even in a fleshly sense, but certainly their bond [...]

Scene Osé Marie Antoinette and Fersen in Movies (with Video)

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Maria Antonietta (Kirsten Dunst) e Fersen (Jamie Dornan) in "Marie Antoinette" (2006) Personally, I was expecting much more from the Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette, a film that, in my opinion, not only he does not add anything to the figure of Maria Antonietta, ma, Unlike, He insists on the hackneyed and trite vision of a woman [...]

The Scandal of the Diamond Necklace

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Copy the precious diamond necklace that was the subject of scandal The "of diamond necklace scandal", which resulted in a well-known process which took place in 1786, He came to overwhelm the already shaky reputation of the French queen Marie Antoinette, although in reality it was just an incredible conspiracy hatched by characters [...]