Napkins on Plate: When and why were Invented?

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Table set Towels made their first appearance on the tables during the '500. the purpose, it seems obvious to us, It was to give diners a piece of cloth to clean the mouth and hands. At this point the question arises: as it did before their invention? [...]

1860: Created the First Biscuits for Dogs

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The first dog biscuits were born in 1860 and to invent them was the American James Spratt Pets accompanies man since the dawn of civilization, but the habit of keeping them at home as family members in all respects, It spreads only in 800, in particular as regards dogs and cats. Surround yourself with friends [...]

Toothbrush: When it was Invented?

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The toothbrush has revolutionized oral hygiene history in the world Since ancient times the oral hygiene has been indispensable habit for men (, but when he invented the toothbrush? It seems that the ancestors of this everyday essential tool for us, They have made their first [...]

The Prime psychiatric medication against depression

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psicofarmaco Depression is a mental illness that has accompanied man since the dawn of time, but for centuries, partly because of lack of knowledge about, He was treated with methods debatable. Until the middle of last century was not at all uncommon for depressed individuals, exchanged for "crazy people", They end up in [...]

Light bulb: Revolutionary Invention

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Bulb While contending for the authorship of the bulb are the American Thomas Edison and the Italian Alessandro Cruto, it is certain that this small object, invented over 800, revolutionized everyday life of people around the world. After the discovery of electricity, the light bulb came slowly in every home, ending to scan with unusual rhythms and [...]

Washing machine: when was he born?

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A washer 800 In the image above you can see a nineteenth-century prototype of current washing machines, in practice a wooden machine that washing the laundry by means of a crank. The operating system of this rudimentary machine to revolutionize everyday family life was very simple, but he had the merit of not helping [...]

Glasses: Medieval Invention

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The first glasses (Middle Ages) The glasses of the invention, or better lenses to see better, It dates back to the Middle Ages, as evidenced by the fresco dated 1352 you see pictured here, although the first-convex lenses had already been created in Pisa in 1286. Until then, then in periods prior to the Middle Ages, for the problems [...]

Ice cream: who invented?

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A typical ice cream cone The ice cream cone invention as we know it today, The edible pods, It dates back to the end of '800' 900. In fact thanks to the poet Giuseppe Parini, citing "rigid cones", we know that already in the '700 it was customary to eat ice cream cones held in, but these were accompanied glass containers [...]

Google Remember the Birth of René Laennec

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The Google doodle today dedicates The Laennec 17 February 1781 born in Quimper physician René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec-Marie and Google celebrates his birthday with a doodle, cute and colorful, dedicated to him. Although his name is not popular, This French doctor was a prominent man and a brilliant innovator [...]

Paris, 1783: The launch of the Hot Air Balloon

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The balloon in Paris in 1783 The brothers Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier were the inventors of the balloon that works with hot air and from them is called ballooning. But how things went? The two inventors were able to obtain the then French King Louis XVI for permission to test [...]