Roman Emperors Pazzi in Cause of lead poisoning?

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Caligola. A Lead poisoning may have contributed to "madness" many Roman emperors Lead poisoning may have been the cause of the insanity of many Roman emperors? This is just a guess, but according to some scholars entirely plausible. Excessive presence of this metal in the organism in fact, not only causes impotence in sex [...]

Because Caligula it called So? The Roman Caliga

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Caligola. The nickname came from the murky ', the typical Roman military footwear Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (12-41 d.C.), son of Germanicus, one of the bravest leaders and loved Ancient Rome (see ruler by the name of Gaius Caesar, It has gone down in history as Caligula, but why? The calighe were robust military worn sandals [...]

The Secret of Adrian Barba

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Bust of Hadrian. He was the first Roman emperor to wear beards Emperor Hadrian (76 d.C.-138 d.C.) It was the first ruler of Rome to wear beards, rather thick and curly, as we can see from the numerous busts portraying him and that we can still admire. Mainly cosmetic choice was due [...]

The Assassination of Eliogabalo Narrated by Cassius Dio

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Face of Eliogabalo. Cassius Dio narrates the tragic murder Eliogabalo Let's say we put it all to be hated, but the end was really bloody, even sadder when you consider that involved a very young boy. Eliogabalo is remembered for being one of the worst emperors of ancient history [...]

The Death of Nero Narrated by Suetonius

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Death of Nero Nero The last moments of life recounted by Suetonius pen describe grotesque aspects in full harmony with the character, but also of dignity tips, culminating in a suicide, although it, according to historian, It was due more to fear than courage. This is the final part of the story of the writer-biographer: "Since each of [...]

That Disguised Caligula…

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Caligola. According to Suetonius, Once the emperor appeared in three of his former consuls disguised as a woman The following story, a step of Suetonius, It gives an idea of ​​the bizarre personality of Emperor Caligula (12-41 d.C.). The historian writes: "One night at the palace summoned three former consuls and when they came full of the most terrible apprehensions, at the [...]

Caligula Schizophrenic

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So Caligula, the Roman historian Suetonius speaks of the Emperor Caligula: "During the day he secretly consulted with Jupiter, Now speaking softly and holding his ear, now shouting and not without adding offenses". In practice, the mayor of Rome was considered a god and the gods interloquiva as equals, [...]

Tiberius was a Pedophile?

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Statue of Tiberius The Roman Emperor Tiberius (42 a.C.-37 d.C.) It is described by sources as a cruel man, miser, cantankerous and prone to vice, but not only. Suetonius says that with age, man is hopelessly sharpened the existing and unhealthy sexual desire against boys and girls, always according to what [...]

What architect built the Colosseum?

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the Colosseum. The architect who devised it has been lost We know (quasi) all about Colosseum, but because you never mentions the architect who devised it? Easy: his name has been lost. In fact they remain unknown for us almost all the names of the authors of the most famous Roman monuments and [...]

Incest in Ancient Rome: Domitian and Julia Nephew

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Julia Bust, daughter of Titus, niece and mistress of Domitian The incestuous relations in Ancient Rome were anything but rare, but one that he involved Domitian, Emperor from 81 to 96 d.C. and her granddaughter Giulia, daughter of his brother Tito, He was so gruesome aspects to upset even the public opinion of the time, although accustomed to all sorts [...]