Childhood of Lucrezia Borgia: He grew up where and how the Pope's Daughter?

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Lucrezia Borgia in the TV series "I Borgia". The childhood of Lucrezia Borgia was, as far as we know, rather serene How was the childhood of Lucrezia Borgia, one of the women [...]

Dagger or Poison: How it killed during the Renaissance?

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Speziale. At these ancient pharmacies are sold, under the table, Also the poison, otherwise there was the dagger The Renaissance aristocrats have remained famous for the ease with which you sbarazzavano [...]

Alexander VI in a Portrait (Ruthless) Guicciardini

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Jeremy Irons in the role of Alexander VI in the TV series "I Borgia" On Pope Alexander VI Borgia were poured rivers of ink, most of whom [...]

The Legend of Lucrezia Borgia Black in a Documentary (with Video)

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Lucrezia Borgia in a TV drama. Because of her is a kind "black legend"who wants evil and ruthless? Victim or perpetrator? Evil or submissive? Cruel or [...]

Lucrezia Borgia e Pedro Calderon: Scandal in Convent

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from fiction "I Borgia": Lucrezia gives birth to the small "Roman infant", had, perhaps, da Pedro Calderon, said Perotto Shortly before the annulment of his marriage to Giovanni Sforza, the [...]

The Libertine Pope? Alexander VI Borgia (maybe…)

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Portrait of Alexander VI Borgia Alexander VI, aka Rodrigo Borgia, it really was the most libertine of History Pope? Can not really determine who is responsible, between [...]