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Dagger or Poison: How it killed during the Renaissance?

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Speziale. At these ancient pharmacies are sold, under the table, Also the poison, otherwise there was the dagger The Renaissance aristocrats have remained famous for the ease with which one of the enemies sbarazzavano, but as killing? The weapons "favorite" were essentially two: the dagger and the poison, with a predilection for the second (see http://www.pilloledistoria.it/3435/storia-moderna/luso-veleno-nel-rinascimento). [...]

Alexander VI in a Portrait (Ruthless) Guicciardini

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Jeremy Irons in the role of Alexander VI in the TV series "I Borgia" On Pope Alexander VI has been spilled rivers of ink, most of them spent to describe indecency and wickedness, but perhaps none has managed to sketch the character of a portrait as essential as accomplished as Francesco Guicciardini, the famous [...]

The Legend of Lucrezia Borgia Black in a Documentary (with Video)

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Lucrezia Borgia in a TV drama. Because of her is a kind "black legend"who wants evil and ruthless? Victim or perpetrator? Evil or submissive? Cruel or fragile creature at the mercy of the delusions of grandeur of his father and brother? Probably, unless they jump out of new documents in this way enlightening [...]

Lucrezia Borgia, the “Lady Poison” (with Video)

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Lucrezia Borgia (from a TV series) On account of Lucrezia Borgia it was told everything and its opposite: victim or victimizer, poisoner callous or unlucky in love woman, daughter and devoted sister or incest, Women's vain and intriguing and intelligent and loving ... the true nature of the direct descendant of Pope Alexander VI, a [...]

On Lucrezia Borgia Hair…

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From a TV drama: the famous hair of Lucrezia Borgia Some time ago I wrote a post (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/3425/storia-moderna/i-bellissimi-capelli-biondi-lucrezia-borgia) the famous blonde hair of Lucrezia Borgia, or better, strand on which of them is preserved, inside a transparent theca, at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan. Today I add some additional facts about this legendary hair remained [...]

Lucrezia Borgia e Pedro Calderon: Scandal in Convent

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from fiction "I Borgia": Lucrezia gives birth to the small "Roman infant", had, perhaps, da Pedro Calderon, said Perotto Shortly before the annulment of his marriage to Giovanni Sforza, the young Lucrezia Borgia was sent by relatives in the convent of San Sisto. The forced retreat, including long hours of prayer and times perfectly scanned, [...]

The Libertine Pope? Alexander VI Borgia (maybe…)

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Portrait of Alexander VI Borgia Alexander VI, aka Rodrigo Borgia, it really was the most libertine of History Pope? Can not really determine who is responsible, among those who succeeded to the throne of Peter, the not too uplifting record, but certainly, albeit in thick and great company, [...]

“The Prince and His Sicario”: Review

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Portrait of young Astorre Manfredi Some time ago I presented to the History Pills readers the book by Gigi Brat Prince and his assassin, (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/6845/storia-moderna/letture-sui-borgia-il-principe-e-il-suo-sicario) focused on the sad human story and the very young Astorre Manfredi policy, just murdered 17 years at the behest of the infamous Cesare Borgia, Today place instead review, interesting and well [...]

Mystery: Cesare Borgia killed (Also) his brother John?

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Portrait of Giovanni Borgia, Duke of Gandia On a warm June evening of 1497, After a lavish dinner, Giovanni (Juan) Borgia, illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI and his mistress historical Vannozza Cattanei, He vanished into thin air, procuring no little concern within the family (the enemies of the Borgias even there were more). The [...]

“I Borgia” They come back on TV

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The protagonists of the TV series "I Borgia" The TV channel La7 is proposing in recent weeks fiction hit "The Borgias", narrating events, crimes and passions of the most powerful family of sixteenth-century Rome and wicked. A scripted for strong stomachs, three seasons marked by blood and perversions: the basic ingredients of the work written and directed by [...]