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Brief History of Panettone

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Old advertising panettone Motta again this year, with the approach of Christmas, I decided to dedicate to the subject of numerous post pills stories and have seen fit, to begin, do a little research to discover the ancient origins of panettone and Pandoro, the two cakes that best represent the recurrence at the table more [...]

History of the Kitchen: Origins of Pesto “Genovese”

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Pesto "Genovese" in an old mortar Today is one of the most popular seasonings of Italian cuisine, but the pesto "Genovese", a basil-based sauce used mainly to accompany the pasta, It has rather obscure origins, which it is difficult to trace with certainty. Probably the pesto was born in environment "marinaro", deriving [...]

History of Italian Cuisine: The Tomato Sauce

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Old advertising of Cirio peeled. The tomato paste produced on an industrial scale is slightly earlier Among the new foods come from overseas after the discovery of America (1492) on Italian tables, the tomato was the one who collected less success, especially because it was judged far less filling than other foods, [...]

800 Kitchen: Salsa Verde Pellegrino Artusi

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Pellegrino Artusi In the history of Italian and European cuisine Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, the full-bodied recipe of Pellegrino Artusi published in 1891, It represents a crucial cornerstone, a point of breakthrough in the historic transition from the old kitchen to modern ( e Although a text now [...]

Medieval Kitchen: Christmas Sauces

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Medieval Christmas Table. The sauces were very popular in the kitchen of the Middle Ages Why not experiment, for the upcoming festive season, some recipes of the past kitchen? In this post I explain to word for word how to prepare two sauces great success in the Middle Ages, and not just at Christmas. To prepare the [...]

Ancient Sweets Ottomans: Baklava Walnuts and Pistachios

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Ottomans at the table One of the oldest Ottoman sweets is the Baklava, made famous by Sultan Mehmet the end of medieval times, in '400. The preparation of this delicious dessert and very calorie involves, to remain faithful to the original recipe, the use of so-called phyllo dough, thin and almost transparent, but it can be safely [...]

Kitchen Ancient Greece: Glazed Shrimp with Honey to Philoxenus

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greek Symposium. The shrimp glazed with honey are cited by Philoxenus poet of Kythera Del Philoxenus greek poet of Kythera (435-380 a.C. circa) There remain only a few fragments of two poems, Cyclops and Symposium, and it is the second that he, in describing the flow of a little frugal lavish banquet, appointment, between [...]

1800: race “culinary” between Italy and France

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The cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi, a classic of Italian culinary rivalry between Italy and France at restaurants has relatively distant origins: The nineteenth century was in fact, by a sort of "culinary war" that stood in front of the two European countries in a remote fight with blows of cookbooks, imagination and innovation, with the [...]

The Power of Modern Europe: Rice, Buckwheat, tomatoes, Peppers and Beans

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beans. The introduction of the beans "American" in the European food, It constituted a major breakthrough from the point of view of diet In Europe Modern, between the '400 and' 700, increased trade, the introduction of the cultivation of new plants and greater use than hitherto little used, They helped to significantly improve the overall nutritional status of the population, mostly [...]

Olive Oil in the Kitchen Medieval: Food for Rich

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A rich medieval banquet. Only the rich could afford the olive oil at the table Instrumental in Roman cuisine, the use of olive oil experienced a significant reduction in the medieval period, at least in the gastronomic field, benefit of other less healthy fats but cheaper. Lard and Lard, not by chance, They found a wide use on the tables of the middle because cheap [...]