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Fruit Cakes: Medieval Christmas Recipe

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A page "The Forme of Cury", English medieval recipe (1390) from which comes the fruit recipe of croquettes reported during the post The cooking recipe that carryover in this post is taken from The Forme of Cury, the most important medieval recipe English (first publication 1390); it is a [...]

Delicate Sauce: Medieval Christmas Recipe

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medieval Kitchen. The delicate sauce was used to flavor the boiled fish The following is a recipe for simple implementation shown on English cookbook The forms of Cury, whose first publication dates back to 1390, a text that marked, time, a milestone in the history of Anglo-Saxon and European gastronomy [...]

Bianchi Ravioli: Medieval Christmas Recipe

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Ravioli. The whites had a ravioli dish Christmas medieval England Only a few days at Christmas and as every year, Also in this part of 2017, public on the History Pills (as you can see the site has been completely renovated!) some recipes that were formerly prepared just for this happy and festive [...]

Easter Cake: Medieval Recipe

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A medieval kitchen Given the imminence of Easter, we will be celebrating in a few weeks, the medieval recipe that follows falls brush. I is (and reported verbatim) from the site bluedragon.it, where in addition to this recipe for Easter cake you can find (and experiment) many others.     Easter cake INGREDIENTS 4 [...]

Christmas like in the Middle Ages: Recipe for Ippocrasso or Spiced Wine

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Ippocrasso What to drink at Christmas this year? In addition to the usual drinks, how about try one that was all the rage during the Christmas holidays in the Middle Ages? Below is the recipe for the Ippocrasso, or spiced wine, directly taken from sguardosulmedioevo.org blog.       spicy red wine according to medieval recipes [...]

Medieval Christmas Recipes: Nucato

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Nucato Christmas is just around the corner and this year, as in previous, Pills History will suggest some recipes to prepare typical dishes of the best party invented many centuries ago. Below is the recipe for making Nucato, a Christmas cake in vogue in the Middle Ages, directly from the website sguardosulmedioevo.org.   [...]

What you ate (Mostly) in the Middle Ages?

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Scenes of family life in the Middle Ages What were the general power medieval foundations? Basically we can say that compared to antiquity not recorded substantial changes: the usual food on the tables of half-centuries were roughly the same as in previous eras. This means that the daily diet was mainly based on consumption [...]

Kitchen of the '300: a Recipe for Cooking…to Gru

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The crane was a highly valued animal in the kitchen of '300 The food tastes are closely linked to the culture of the peoples and are subject, like everything else the rest, to profound changes over time. No wonder then, If in past centuries it was a habit completely normal and appreciated put [...]

Tower crane, Rondini, Storks, Swan…Strange Dishes in the kitchen Medieval

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medieval Banquet. At the time the birds, including the crane, Some were considered delicacies delicious dishes considered in past centuries, would today creepy, just think of the meat dormouse (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/6340/storia-antica/cucina-dellantica-roma-carne-ghiro) e al garum (http://www.pilloledistoria.it/1787/storia-antica/garum-liquamen-salsa-preferita-dai-romani) the ancient Romans. It must however admit, that even in the Middle Ages tastes at the table were, if considered [...]

The Medieval Origins of Mascarpone

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A medieval table Still a gourmet themed article written by Emiliano Friends and based on his blog sguardosulmedioevo.org.       Mascarpone wonder if the detractors of the Middle Ages eat the Tiramisu ... I'll tell you why, in always look for interesting topics, I stumbled upon this curiosity: Mascarpone also has medieval origins ... oh yes ... that [...]