Engraved Penis 1800 Years Ago Found in Hadrian's Wall

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The penis found engraved in Hadrian's Wall, next, It has about the caricature 1800 years the penis engraved on the wall of a fortress adjacent to Hadrian's Wall, the great defensive wall that the emperor had it built in Britain (current UK) in defense of the Roman army. The archaeologists Newcastle, authors of the discovery, [...]

Celts: Heads Mozzate Enemies Use as trophies of victory

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Skulls of people who may have been beheaded by the Celts The Celts cut off the heads of fallen enemies and kept as trophies. This gruesome habit, described by some Roman authors, He had never found, till now, archaeological evidence that could confirm. The Romans also, as known, they used to "enrich" tales [...]

Barbie and Ken in Ancient Greece

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One of the first models of the mythical Barbie Barbie game and his eternal boyfriend Ken is not the prerogative of our times: boys and girls of ancient Greece knew him and liked him already thousands of years ago. Witness a recent discovery (It dates back to a few months ago) has Parium [...]

Ancient Egypt: Discovered a Great Building “Mysterious”

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The remains of the large building and discovered at Tanis, Egypt The ancient land of Egypt continues to reveal priceless treasures. A few weeks ago near Tanis, the archaeological site of San El-Hagar, It was discovered a huge and mysterious building equipped with all interesting objects to be studied. No word yet on exactly which [...]

China: Discovered Large and Luxury Baths 2000 Years ago

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A detail of the luxurious bathrooms millennial unearthed in China Apparently not only the Romans, in ancient times, They could be said to be masters of sewage and sanitation systems. A recent archaeological discovery shows how well east of the world, from this point of view, if they cavassero pretty well. Just over a month ago, a [...]

Bologna: Rediscovered Medieval Jewish Cemetery

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Part of the Jewish cemetery found in Bologna An important archaeological discovery and certainly unexpected has most recently Bologna, where it has been brought to light the town Jewish cemetery, which, with its 408 burials, till now, the largest in Italy. After being approximately 200 years the appointed place interment of Jews [...]

Exceptional Discovery in Egypt: un'Altra Secret Room in the Pyramid of Cheops

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Playing in 3D cavities of the mysterious recently discovered inside the pyramid of Cheops After millennia of their building, the pyramids of Egypt have not yet ceased to unravel their mysteries and who knows if it ever will. The latest discovery is the largest of the Giza pyramids, that of Cheops, which was [...]

Populonia (At the): Total Remains of a Young Slave

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The remains of the young man, probably a slave, recently discovered in Populonia (at the) On the beach of the Gulf of Baratti to Populonia, in the province of Livorno, They were discovered a few weeks ago, during archaeological excavations undertaken by time, human remains that seem to belong to a young slave who probably lived between the sixth [...]

Rattle Prehistoric for Babies Found in Russia

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The prehistoric rattle found in Russia seems that some toys are timeless and like them equally to children today as those of yesterday. The one found a few weeks ago in a Russian archaeological site is a rattle belonged to a baby lived about 4000 Years ago. It is a [...]

Etruscans Bravi Dentists

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"Ponte" says dental Etruscan era. The Etruscans were skilled dentists The Etruscan civilization was one of the most advanced of antiquity and also in dentistry these people fared very well. We can see by archaeological findings, in particular from burials, who have returned skulls fitted with dentures and bridges in those days [...]