Tomba di Tutankhamon: a New and Unexpected Discovery

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The box containing the remains of the funerary equipment of Tutankhamun Perhaps the Tomb of Tutankhamun never stops revealing surprises (also see Recentemente è stata data [...]

Tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony: we are at a Turn?

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Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Maybe it was finally rediscovered the tomb of Cleopatra Cleopatra's tomb was eventually found? According to Zahi Hawass, famous archaeologist and Egyptologist, [...]

Ancient Egypt: Discovered a Great Building “Mysterious”

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The remains of the large building and discovered at Tanis, Egypt The ancient land of Egypt continues to reveal priceless treasures. A few weeks ago near Tanis, nel sito archeologico [...]

Exceptional Discovery in Egypt: un'Altra Secret Room in the Pyramid of Cheops

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Playing in 3D cavities of the mysterious recently discovered inside the pyramid of Cheops After millennia of their building, le piramidi d'Egitto non hanno ancora smesso di svelare i [...]

Egyptians: They dressed like the Ancient Inhabitants of the Nile?

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Typical clothing of the Egyptians Most of the information on how to dress the Egyptians learn from the wall paintings of the tombs and archeology. Nelle scene raffigurate gli [...]

Papyrus, Cotton and bread crumbs: Still on Absorbents in Ancient Egypt

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Papyrus depicting an Egyptian woman. The absorbent Egyptian realizzavano to the menstrual cycle in various ways The papyrus, ubiquitous in the culture and society in Ancient Egypt, aiutava anche [...]