Claret Cup: Drink English according to the recipe from Pellegrino Artusi

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Claret Cup That to prepare the Claret Cup, is the recipe number 730 the famous cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi, The science of cooking - The art of [...]

Truffle in History: Recipe of the Crepes with Black Truffle

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Crepes The truffle has always had a prestigious role at the table (see In this post I present the ancient recipe to prepare the tasty pancakes with black truffles, [...]

Toasted Bread and Leeks: Medieval Christmas Recipe

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medieval Kitchen. The slices of bread and leeks were Christmas but not only from the site, carry a Christmas medieval recipe that can safely find space on the table [...]

Wafer rolls Toscani: Recipe of Lorenzo the Magnificent Kitchen

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A humorous take of Lorenzo the Magnificent The following is not a recipe any, since to suggest it is Lorenzo the Magnificent. Evidently, the great lord of [...]

Strawberry Gelatin in Frost (by Artusi)

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Strawberry jelly After the oranges (, in this post you will find the original recipe of Pellegrino Artusi to prepare the strawberry jelly in frost, another [...]